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Our beekeeping course has to date been attended by at least 200 private individuals and 85 rural beekeeping project participants in several projects throughout Mpumalanga and KwaZulu Natal.

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Courses of different levels are available virtually on a monthly basis. See our latest schedule and course layout.

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Pollination services

Bees ensure a reliable and diverse seed and fruit supply through pollination. Linked to this, is the improvement of crop yield and quality through proper pollination as many plants and crops are dependent on insects and especially honey bees for pollination in order to propagate and produce fruit.

Cross pollination between different cultivars of the same plant often provides more uniform fruit, with greater fruit weight and quality. Pollination services is probably the single most valuable service honey bees provide. The Beeger Picture managed bee colonies provide pollination services for many crops including: Macadamia, Avo, Litchi, Sunflower and Kidney Beans

* Please note, a pollination service agreement will be signed to ensure both a quality service and a safe environment for the hives for the duration of the contract.

Pollination Research
Pollination Guideline Price 2020
Pollination and bee management
Hive management services

The Beeger Picture offers hive management to both farmers, hobbyists and smaller beekeepers to ensure their hives remain in optimal health and productivity. A full range of hive management services are available and tailor made to each client’s needs and requirements
Honey extraction services

We provide a full range of honey extraction services to our clients through a complete management system whereby the honey is harvested, extracted and bottled. Extracting honey from suppliers which are delivered to our premises and then to the client using our facilities, catering for each client specific needs.
Beekeeping Consulting Services

The Beeger Picture offers consulting services for existing, new and start-up beekeepers as well as farmers wanting to optimize their hives placements for best pollination and or honey production. Advice on planting additional bee forage to ensure optimal health of honey bee colonies and other natural pollinators is an integral part of this service.
Live honeybee removals & relocations

We remove and relocate Honey Bees all over the Lowveld area with our experienced team. Removing bees can be extremely dangerous and we advise that you don't attempt to do it yourself. We have all the required certification and insurance to give our clients the best possible service and peace of mind. We use the latest equipment and techniques to allow us to remove honey bee colonies from even the most inaccessible locations. Please don’t kill them, give us a call.
Bee removal team
Bee Forage Plants

Contact The Beeger Picture for some high value bee forage plants such as African Blue Basil (otherwise known as perennial basil which are excellent bee forage plants with good pollen and nectar values and which flowers 12 month of the year in frost free areas. Please contact us for a list of plants available according to season. Specific plants can also be propagated on customer’s request.

Gums & Bees
Plants for Bees South Africa
Indigenous Plants that provide food for honey bees
Honey Bee Forage in Limpopo and Mpumalanga
African Blue Basil Cuttings
R5.75 each
R258.75 - tray of 45
African Blue Basil Bags
R17.25 - R23.00 each

Equipment and hive sales

From bee hives to comb cutters we stock a wide variety of beekeeping equipment.

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